Low Buy & Sell Taxes

Currently, our tax is currently 6% on each buy or sell transaction. This rate is the lowest across DeFi 3.0 projects.

  • 2% of each buy/sell goes to existing holders via Reflections.

  • 4% of each buy/sell goes into Multi-Chain Farming to add to the Yield Farming Treasury and support buy backs of $MCC tokens.

Hyper-Deflationary Setup

Another important feature of our tokenomics is that $MCC is a hyper-deflationary token. We made this possible by initially sending 35% of the total supply into a “Black Hole” address which will forever compound, thus increasing the burn rate.


1) tokens set to the Black Hole address can never be taken out because no user has the private keys to this address.

2) the reflections will continue to compound in this wallet, removing more and more tokens out of circulation.

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