Introducing MultiNodes


Muti-Chain Capital is focused on creating sustainable passive income for the average DeFi user, and therefore has created MultiNodes to fill this void in the market. Although there are existing node solutions that provide passive income, they have excessive fees and lack portability in regards to trading or wallet-to-wallet transfers. We believe there is a large area for innovation in the node segment.

To this end, MultiNodes is a truly portable node solution allowing transfers and trading of nodes on a secondary market. The actual underlying technology behind this innovation is actually something quite popular in the industry — NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) — except in this case we are inlaying more then just an image into the NFT metadata structure.

Tier Details

Setup Cost and ROI

To generate a node, the user will supply both $MCC and Stablecoins. The higher the amount of investment, the higher the node Tier, and the higher the return on investment.

We established the following ROIs for each Tier to ensure that our product is competitive and is designed with sustainability in mind:

Tier 1: PRESIDENT: $5,000 in Stabecoin + 108,300,000 in MCC. 1% daily / 365% APR

Tier 2: DIRECTOR: $2,500 in Stablecoin + 54,100,000 in MCC. 0.8% daily / 292% APR

Tier 3: EXECUTIVE: $1,000 in Stablecoin + 21,700,000 in MCC. 0.65% daily /237.2% APR

Tier 4: BANKER: $500 in Stablecoin + 10,800,000 in MCC. 0.58% daily / 211.7% APR

Tier 5: ANALYST: $250 in Stablecoin+ 5,400,000 in MCC. 0.5% daily / 182.5% APR

MultiNode Transferability

The fact that your MultiNode is an NFT construct mean it is transferable by nature. To claim your MultiNode rewards, you must have the NFT in your wallet. If the NFT is sent to another wallet, that wallet will then be able to claim any future rewards.

We know that NFTs are more than JPEGs

At the very mention of NFT people instantly think of JPEG’s as this has been a typical use case to date.

However, from a DeFi industry perspective, NFTs of the non-image type are used in Uniswap v3 Liquidity Positions and other DeFi protocols which leverage the Metadata fields in an NFT to provide enhanced capabilities.

In comparison to traditional ERC-20 tokens, an NFT represents a token with a fixed quantity of ‘1’ but with a multitude of embedded metadata that makes it unique.

For MultiNodes, the use of the Metadata fields within an NFT allow all of the information regarding the node’s sale price, tier and income rate to be embedded in the object while still retaining portability.

Secondary Market for MultiNodes

The use of an NFT construct for MultiNodes allows it to be sold and traded on secondary marketplaces. This means that you can sell your MultiNode NFT on OpenSea or ToFu NFT and transfer the node along with the continued rewards from that point to a new owner.

MultiNodes Treasury

The Stablecoins provided for creating a node go into the newly created MultiNodes Treasury.

The MultiNodes Treasury funds are then deployed into assets by our experienced investors across many narratives in a bid to gain the best return on investment.

The profits from the MultiNodes Treasury will be used to buy $MCC to top up the rewards pool. In addition, we are also considering using some of these profits to buy alternative assets to offer as claimable rewards (such as Stablecoins or Bluechips). These other claimable assets will help reduce sell pressure on $MCC.

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