MultiNodes FAQs

Q: Will the rewards only be in $MCC? A: Initially yes, in time will will look to add alternative rewards. We feel the benefits of this would be reduced sell pressure of $MCC and also this could provide those claiming a more profitable exit route if the alternative rewards have a zero sales tax.

Q: If $MCC goes Up/Down in Price will my rewards be impacted?

A: The amount of $MCC you receive when you create your node will be fixed to a set amount. All the time the initial rates remain as they are this will not change. As the market value of $MCC increases or decrease the value of your fixed amount of daily rewards will also increase/decrease in value, but the amount of $MCC remains the same

Q: How often can I claim my rewards from nodes? A: Rewards can be claimed every 24 hours.

Q: Are there claims taxes or monthly fees on MultiNodes? A: Absolutely none, We took this decision as we want our node holders to benefit in full from all rewards earned.

Q: Will there be the option to compound directly into additional nodes using just earn $MCC in the future? A: This is a feature we are looking to add after launch, as this is heavily requested.

Q: Are nodes unlimited or limited in capacity? A: We have no immediate plans to limit the amount of nodes created at this time

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