Enhanced Project Security

To enhance the security of the project, we have focused on three major areas:

  • Decentralization of Funds — Can we reduce central points of dependency with multi-signature wallets?

  • Token Contract SecurityHow secure is token contract in the code and deployment?

  • Locked LiquidityHow much and for how long is it locked?

Focus on Decentralization for Risk Management of Funds

Our aim is to remove central points of dependence and increase security by way of introducing technical measures like a Multi-Signature wallet.

For the funds on the Ethereum Network (~10% of Total), they are currently in a Multi-Signature wallet controlled by the Multi-Chain Capital Team and advisors.

For the funds on other networks (Fantom, Polygon, etc). the funds are invested directly into DeFi Farming or DeFi Bank sectors which currently can have complex interactions in a Multi-Signature wallet. We are exploring all options to increase security here and move to a Multi-Signature wallet on each respective chain in the future.

Token Contract Security

In order to ensure the token contract is fully secure, we have had two firms audit the contract, and both have passed as fully secure.

Liquidity Lock Duration

We are increasing time for the locked liquidity on Uniswap and PancakeSwap to 100 years.

The total locked liquidity is $10.4M combining both MCC/ETH and MCC/BNB.

Uniswap Liquidity Lock:

PancakeSwap Liquidity Lock:

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