The Road Ahead

As we look to the future at Multi-Chain Capital, we have many plans for expansion, detailed below:

#1. MultiNodes Goes Multi-Chain — We are exploring other L1 and zK-Rollup Chains to expand the MultiNodes program onto. We are looking at leveraging “builders” rewards to continue to improve the sustainability of Multi-Chain Capital as we expand.

#2. Continued Expansion of the Flagship Product Portfolio — MultiNodes are just the start of the Multi-Chain Capital Product Portfolio. We view Multi-Chain Capital as a set of “DeFi Legos” that we can continue to build up to increase the value of $MCC.

#3. Expanding to Centralized Exchanges— Now that Multi Chain Capital became an established, long-term player in the DeFi space, we are ready to drive project adoption across new, wider user segments. Listings on centralized exchanges became a logical next step our team is focused on.

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