Sustainability of Multinodes

One of the most important questions and comments regarding MultiNodes is the sustainability. At Multi-Chain Capital, we have taken a long view of the market and created at least six different streams of sustainability for MultiNodes.

There are six pillars to ensure the MultiNodes project has a sustainable future:

#1. First, we will have an $MCC Rewards Pool where we constantly add all $MCC from newly created nodes.

#2. Second, this $MCC Rewards Pool will continue to compound and earn reflections from Buy and Sells of $MCC, which will increase the amount of tokens available for rewards.

#3. Third, with the stablecoins collected upon node creation, these will be sent to a MultiNode Treasury to earn profits used to Market Buy $MCC to add to the reward pool. These stablecoins will be invested in various farming and yield bearing investments to ensure a high reward rate.

#4. In addition, a portion of the taxes from volume on $MCC specifically related to the nodes will also be monitored and these funds will be added accordingly when required.

#5. The royalties of secondary MultiNode sales on OpenSea and other third party sites will also be used to buy $MCC and add to the rewards pool. Royalties are set to 3.0%.

#6. Lastly, on top of all of the above, future $MCC products will wherever possible have a mechanism within that contributes a small percentage of profits towards the MultiNodes rewards pool.

We strongly believe that these multiple measures will provide both sustainability and longevity to the product.

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